Xenox S200

Xenox S200

full field digital mammography system

Xenox S200 is a full field digital mammography system with control and image acquisition station, which is equipped with a transparent protection screen for the operator.

  • Indirect Conversion detector
    Technology: a-Si TFT Array + PIN Photodiode
  • Optional Direct Conversion Full Field Flat Panel Detector
    FPD technology: Amorphous Selenium (a-Se)
  • Generator Output Power 5 kW (@ 35 kV)
  • kV range 20 / 35 kV (20/40 kV optional)
  • kV resolution (Man & Auto mode) 0,5 kV
  • Lowest Current Time 1 mAs
  • mAs maximum value 640 mAs
  • mAs resolution (Automatic) 0,1 mAs
  • Exposure Time 02/4.7 s (Automatically selected in function of selected mAs)
  • Safety timer 10s
  • Automatic collimator 18×24 cm/24×30 cm/10×24 for magnification
  • Automatic filtration (Rh/Ag)
  • Display GRAPHIC LCD Display 240×128 dots
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
  • Vertical Movements motorized
  • Motorized Rotation
  • +/- 15° Rotation for biopsy procedure
  • Range of Vertical Movement (from Floor) 75 to 160 cm (travel of 85 cm)
  • Range of C-Arm Rotation +/-180°
  • Speed of C-Arm Rotation in motorized version 90°/8 s with acceleration and deceleration ramp
  • Standard Compression Paddle 18×24/24×30 for normal breasts
  • Optional Compressor Paddle: 8×24 cm with lateral shifting for normal breasts ,9×21 cm straight for magnification, Φ7,5 cm shifted for spot contact examination and 18×24 cm shifted for bidimensional biopsy
  • Optional kit for geometric magnification (1,5x and 2x factor)
  • Removable Potter-Bucky with anti-scatter grid (Ratio 6:1, 36 lp/cm)
  • Compression force adjustable from 70 to 200 N
  • The acquisition station is inclusive of workstation integrated with transparent anti-X protective barrier for operator, acquisition software, 21,3” 2MP colour monitor(3MP optional)
  • Dicom 3.0 connectivity
  • Optional stereotactic biopsy accessory device
  • Indirect conversion technology a-Si detector for excellent quality and low dose
  • Optional direct conversion detector 24x30cm format
  • Automatic collimation and filtration according to the installed compression paddle
  • Iso-centric c-arm
  • Fully motorized movement
  • Auxiliary display showing Compression force, C-Arm rotation angle, Compressed breast thickness Laterality, Projection, ACR prefixes and suffixes
  • OPTIONAL DEVICE FOR GEOMETRIC MAGNIFICATION with x1,5/x2 variable or x1,8 fixed
  • Tube Thermal Unit display and active protection.
  • Generator with kV closed loop and line Feed forward compensation
  • LATERAL CONTROL PANEL On preferred side of mammography unit
  • Microprocessor controlled technology with unique safety features
  • Tube Thermal Unit display and active protection
  • Technical display for self-test and defective block identification, firmware release, exposure counter and last exposure time/date
  • Diagnostic functions like as Selectable service functions on LCD Display for hardware testing of each specific board with input status display, single status display and ON/OFF function
  • Top Cover Carbon fiber
  • Interactive microprocessor control panel with graphic display. Messages to the operator in several languages selectable during installation
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) select the best technique in function of effective breast density evaluated by pre-exposure
  • Dose calculator
  • Compression paddle movement motor driven or manual with fine adjustment by double rotating controller
  • Compression paddle descent speed proportionally decreasing compressing the breast for a gentle compression
  • Maxi. Compression Force Safety Device
  • Compression paddle release after exposure selectable from control panel, automatic or manual for bidimensional biopsy
  • Acquisition console with 21,3” 2 MP COLOUR MONITOR(optional 3MP)
  • Transparent anti-X protective barrier for operator (Pb equivalence>0.34 mm at 35 kV)
  • FULL DICOM 3.0 MG with IHE conformity
  • Patient information local Data Base with 25.000 images storage.
  • QC tools based on EUREF protocol

High performance

The main target of the Xenox S200 is to obtain excellent image quality in order to allow sharp visualisation of lesions and areas of interest minimizing the dose given to the patient. It is suitable both diagnostic as well as for “screening” programs carried out always with utmost accuracy. Excellent imaging technology combined with a modern, ergonomic and winning design improves efficiency and elevates the standard of care.

Excellent image quality and low dose

Xenox S200 feature the second generation of indirect conversion technology a-Si detector. It provides 85 micron pixel size chose as the best compromise between highest spatial resolution and lowest noise. The combination with the X-ray tube with Tungsten anode and Ag filter result is a significant decrease in the dose delivered to the patient.

Advanced Automatic Exposure Control

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) with full automatic kV/mAs, manual kV/auto mAs in function of effective Breast Density evaluated by pre-exposure X-Ray pulse or breast thickness for fast operation and/or special cases with silicone prosthesis. Dose limits according to European Protocol for Dosimetry and EUREF protocol.

Ergonomics and user friendly

SternMed has payed particular attention in designing Xenox S200 in order to make it extremely easy to use for the operator and comfortable for the patient.

Advances dynamic collimation system

The mammography system automatically selects the proper collimation format according to the type of exam, to the format and position of the compression paddle.


A device for geometric magnification (1,5x or 2x factor) complete of cassette holder and without anti-scatter grid is optionally available. In order to reduce dose a carbon fiber free structure has been designed with automatically selected small focus once fitted.


XENOX S200 is supplied with motorized rotation of C-Arm (pre-selectable and fine adjustment angles). Iso-centric C-Arm that allows all breast projections without moving the patient and without adjusting height of the-Arm. The Iso-centric rotation eliminates the-Arm height adjustment when doing Cranio-Caudal and lateral projections. In this configuration the XENOX S200 is upgradeable with stereotactic biopsy device Iso-centric 3D.

Stereotactic Biopsy

The Iso-centric 3D device represents a reliable add-on solution for performing FFD stereotactic biopsies. An easy and quick move upgrades the XENOX S200 to stereotactic mode providing a comfortable working space between the tube head and the biopsy device. The motorized +/-15° rotation of the Iso-centric C-Arm assures accurate tube shift activated by means of dedicated push buttons. Lesions can be reached also in difficult positions with great precision in targeting, placing the C-Arm at the most appropriate inclination/height. Acquisition Station and includes a database for selecting needles, biopsy guns and VABs associated with the respective user selectable codes.


The cutting-edge AI compression system, both motorized and manual, has been designed to guarantee optimal breast compression with minimal patient discomfort.

In the case of motorized compression, driven by the pair of foot-controls, the exclusive microprocessor-controlled FTSE (Function of Tissue Strength Evaluation) automatically adjusts the optimal force to apply based on the specific density of the breast to be examined. The operator can also perform a manual compression with precise adjustment using two rotary controls located on C-arm.

Everything under control

Displays located above the rotary controls allow viewing the set compression force and that actually applied, and the thickness of the compressed breast. Auxiliary display show all the information of the current procedure: Compression force, C-arm rotation angle, Compression breast thickness, Laterality, Projection, ACR prefixes and suffixes