Marcom 0.5T

Marcom 0.5T

permanent magnet MRI scanner

Marcom 0.5T is an open 0.5T permanent magnet MRI system equipped with powerful RF and gradient system. Combined with the advanced imaging technology, making it a high-end system, which is comparable to high-field MRI systems.

  • Permanent magnet with automatic constant temperature system
  • Field strength 0.5T
  • Dual-column shape magnet
  • Homogeneity ≤2.5ppm
  • Shimming method Active/Passive/Dynamic
  • Optimal algorithm of active shimming
  • Magnet vertical gap 41cm
  • Accessibility (Horizontal opening angle) >274°
  • Gradient field strength (Single Axis) 25mT/m
  • Gradient slew rate (Single Axis) 75mT/m/ms
  • FOV 20 to 410mm
  • 2D thickness 1mm
  • 3D thickness 0.1mm
  • Air cooling gradient system
  • Fully digital Spectrometer
  • Digital Transmit and Receive RF system
  • 4 channels RF system
  • Phase array coil
  • Dual-voice-patient communication system
  • patient weight 200Kg
  • Patient bed laser location system
  • DICOM 3.0

Pulse sequences

  • Spin-echo sequence
  • GRE sequence
  • IR sequence

Advance imaging technology

  • Body Imaging
  • MR Angiography
  • Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI)
  • Flow compensation
  • Gating technology
  • Pre-saturation technology (PS)
  • Pre-saturation adjustment technology
  • Part metal implant scan technology
  • Multi-layer and multi-angle scanning technology
  • Optimize bandwidth acquisition technology
  • Parallel acquisition technology
  • Section acquisition technology
  • Oversampling technology
  • Image fusion technology
  • Artifact suppression technology
  • Thin imaging technology
  • Online image filtration
  • Scan sequence queuing
  • Movie playback technology
  • Post processing package

Eddy zero technology

The shimming algorithm technology (ensures field strength with high uniformity and stability), ensure the MRI system operating stably with high quality and high performance.

Eddy Zero Technology:

  • Magnet design uses breakthrough anti-eddy current technology
  • The gradient coil using self-shielded active anti – eddy current technology
  • Implementation of precision eddy current compensation algorithm, completely eliminate the impact of eddy current.

The eddy current because of the high gradient and high slew rate come from ultra-fast sequence was resolved completely, which guarantee to get the best clinic image.

Open wide design

More patient comfort and more space for surgery. Affinity Dual-column magnets, creating a maximum of openness, offer a maximum vision for patients, especially leave much space comfort for obese patients, minimizing claustrophobia of patients and providing more space for MR intervention surgery.

Advance gradient system

Gradient system helps to provide higher resolution pictures, Marcom 0.5T gradient system(X、Y、Z) gradient intensity is 25mT/m,Higher gradient intensity, faster imaging speed, shorter scanning time; Higher gradient intensity, thinner imaging slice, higher image resolution

The new technology of 4D shimming

Use of advanced active shimming algorithm for real-time automatic shimming on each examination to ensure the magnetic field always maintain the highest uniformity. Magnetic field homogeneity and stability of the MRI images always are the most important guarantee of the high-resolution, high SNR and high contrast. They are the important indicators of the level of magnet design, the better the smaller the value, directly determines the SNR of the image, like a car chassis, stability is essential, the magnetic field uniformity is maintained at <2.5ppm in 40cm the DSV Vrms, the system can complete a wide range of scanning (40cm).

Advanced RF system

The Marcom 0.5T is equipped with fast 4 channels RF system and all phased array coils provide best SNR pictures.

  • Fully open Magnet
  • Nd-Fe-B magnet
  • 4D shimming
  • Eddy Zero Technology
  • self-regulating constant temperature
  • Fully Digital 4 Channel Receiving Spectrometer
  • Automatic coil tuning
  • Accurate position assist
  • Higher SNR
  • Higher resolution
  • Less Scanning Time
  • Comprehensive scanning sequences
  • Advanced imaging techniques

Marcom 0.5T has a variety of different phased array coils and all of them provide the best SNR pictures.


  • Head coil
  • Neck coil
  • Small body coil
  • Large body coil
  • Knee coil


  • Shoulder coil
  • Sport joint coil
  • Wrist Coil
  • Breast Coil
  • Flexible coil
  • Flexible body coil
  • Flat spine coil