Diab Trading Est was founded in 2018, for implementing new advanced technologies into customers needs which lead to new easy world. Diab Trading Est team is divided into three main parts:
Radiology System, Operation solutions, Patients care.

  • Radiology System: is a large group of radiologists who provide a full spectrum of modern medical imaging and diagnostic radiological services.
  • Operation solutions: An operating theater , operation suite or OR is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in an aseptic environment, Our company provides all the services, needs and equipments of doctors in-room operations.
  • Patients care: The first concern of our company is the intensive care of the patient and the provision of what is new in terms of providing medical service in availability of modern equipment and developed.

Diab Trading Est is working with elitemedical in Dubai as partner in Syria and do many project in Syria

Diab Trading Est is Exclusive Agent for SternMed in Syria